Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy. Your email address or any information that you give us will be kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third party or outside entity. Any information collected will be discarded once the relevant issue is resolved. Account names / IDs are never displayed publicly and are only used for identification during account login to the site. Account holder real names may be displayed in weekly selection or results reports displayed to other registered users (but not unregistered site visitors), only if the account holder has authorized this use in their account settings. The name(s) of an account holder's player(s) may be displayed in the reports available to both registered users and visitors to the site. For this reason, we recommend that aliases be used for the player names rather than the account holder's real name.

We do not send unsolicited bulk email (spam), other than a reminder message to each account holder's email address(es) on file notifying them about an upcoming edition of the pool and inquiring whether or not they intend to participate. Each account holder can elect to have the system automatically send them deadline reminders for upcoming weekly selections and/or weekly selection, results and standings reports, and announcements. Each of these messages is optional, and can be enabled or disabled by the account holder from their account settings page.

Removal of a user's account is done promptly at the request of the user. A single message will be sent to confirm the removal. From time to time, inactive user accounts will be removed without notice.

We do not use cookies on this system other than as required for the proper operation of the site and display of the site information. Our website hosting service provider collects standard statistical information including general aggregate information such as number of hits on each page, traffic by time of day and day of week, and type of browser used. In addition, we log user activity such as logins, account profile updates, and weekly game selections to provide a record in the event that there is a problem requiring the database to be reconstructed. In addition, we also log activities such as entertainment options and which games are played, to allow us to confirm usage and evaluate game popularity. This information is only used internally to evaluate the effectiveness of our web site. We do not sell or otherwise market any information collected.

We do not link to banner advertising nor will any pages on our site activate any unwanted automatic pop-up windows or browser ads.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please Contact Us. Input and feedback is always welcome.