The 2023 Simple CFL Pool

Welcome to the home of the Simple CFL Pool.  This pool is based on the games played during the regular season and playoffs.

Participating in the pool couldn't be easier.  For the regular season, all you have to do is try to pick the winners of the games each week, along with the total number of points scored by all teams for the week.  This points total is only used in the event of a tie for the weekly prize.  Please see the Pool Rules for a complete description of the weekly game selection process, as well as details on how the winners and prize amounts are determined.

The playoff portion of the pool is slightly different in that there are no weekly prizes, but just one prize for the whole post season. The points difference for the playoffs, used only as a tie-breaker, is the sum of the point differences for all weeks in the playoffs.

The entry fee is only $30.00 CAD for the whole season, including the playoffs.  All entry fees are returned as prizes.

If you're interested in participating and already have an account, you can log in using your existing account information. If you don't already have an account from last year, please create one using the New Account button above.  This will provide you with a variety of optional notices and additional information, regardless of whether or not you choose to participate in the pool.  There is no cost associated with setting up and having an account, and you can request that your account be deleted at any time.  Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

In order to participate in the pool, you must set up a player on your account and the player must be activated for the pool.  A player can be activated at any time before the deadline for entries for the second week of the pool.  You can activate your player from the "Players" section in your account settings, provided you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the entry fee for that pool. For information regarding the payment of pool entry fees, please see the "Pool Fee Info" section in your account settings.

If you have any questions or need more information, please Contact Us and we'll do our best to help you out.

Bob Swift
Pool Operator